Welcome to Kalavaibhav Samajik & Shaikshanik Mahila Sanstha.  
  Origin & History  
  Our Aims  
  • To empower the poor women & develop their self confidence. To earn their bread & butter.
  • To arrange social welfare schemes for underprivileged tribal communities & others.
  • To establish women hostels, Ashrams for those women who are devociy, helpless, homeless.
  • To provide spiritual guidance for womens and arrange the training like making papad, masala, swetter, dehydrate food, paper bags, snacks, phenyls , toys & home made various things.
  • Also give financial & material support to the helpless women & became businesswoman.
  • Also arrange stall & Mahostav to bring market & business of our KVMVSS Mahila Sanstha.
  • District Thane has 71% tribal population.
  • Out of these, 75% are Uneducated and below poverty line.
  • 65% of children are Underourished.
  • 50% children drop out of school per year.
  • 75% of children are not able to read or write of their own in 4th standard.
  • 90% of the adivasi parents are alcoholic.
  • They lack the will to educate and nourish their own children.
  • To empower the poor & the underprivileged by providing them tools of basic education.
  • Providing basic necessities to the poor, mentally challenged, orphans, adivasi and Street children.
  • To arrange social welfare schemes for underprivileged tribal communities and others.
  • To establish, maintain, conduct and manage hostels, boarding persue education for the students.
  • To set up educational institute and centre for poor students who wants to make career.
  • To adopt homeless and helpless old aged persons & provide them basic needs.
  • To provide spiritual guidance, yoga training and train volunteers.
  • To give financial and material support to the institutions having similar agenda.